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jason Ingriselli

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New England native Jason Ingriselli has been making music over the last decade in basements, bars and music halls throughout the Northeast. He has showcased his authentic Americana voice with a wide variety of local & national recording artists from stages to bar room floors. His unique and powerful voice sit right at home in an ever-growing landscape of Americana/Roots music throughout the region.

What started out as a collection of songs written on a solo road trip to Nashville evolved into what eventually became known as "The Miles North". Since then he has worked tirelessly to complete a process which is best described by Producer Dave Swanson...

"The process of songwriting, recording and making art is a marathon rather than a sprint. You come up against roadblocks. You deal with frustration, expected delays and life circumstances. It's much easier to give up when things get hard instead of persevering to try and make something great. I really believe in these songs and in Jason's unique voice as a songwriter. I'm proud of what we've made together and think you'll love it to".

In the end this is a group of songs based on topics everyone can relate to and understand.

After multiple trips to studios in Avon, CT and Nashville, TN - “The Miles North” is out on CRM Recording Co. and now available for download!


Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter / Jason Ingriselli

The Miles North Band

Lead Guitar / Nick Santore
Pedal Steel / Andrew Kraemer
Bass, Vocals / Erik Kukanskis
Drums / George Mastrogiannis




by Jason Ingriselli

Sample a few tracks off the debut album “The Miles North”

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